Enora | Faq


Q). Can I trust your products?

A) Any product offered by ENORA contains safe and natural ingredients for the sake of your skin. All our products are free from toxins and any irritants.

Q) Which product is best for me?

A) If you’re unsure, simply read through the description of each products. Each product does exactly what is described.

Q) How fast can I see results?

Most customers will witness results within 2-4 weeks. However, depending on your skin type, it may take up to three months for results to be visible.

Q) Are your products 100% natural?

Yes. Unlike most skincare products you’ll find on the market, our products are made from only natural ingredients from plant extracts, lemon leaves, glutathione and others. In place of artificialhy droquinone, our products have vegeclarine, a plant derivative as the active ingredient.

Q) How many shades lighter can the product lighten?

Each collection has a different strength. Our strongest collections are WHITENISER and WHITENISER +. It can lighten up to five shades, depending on your skin type and the length of use.

Q) How long will it take to receive my order?

A) Products purchased on Enora are typically shipped within 5 business days, depending on the shipping option selected at checkout. Once your order has been processed and your product shipped, you will receive a tracking number. This is usually 2-3 business days before your order is due to be delivered. See our Shipping Policy for more details.

Q) Do you offer returns or refunds?

A) For returns and refunds, please see our REFUND AND CANCELLATION policy.

Q) Can I shop from abroad?

A) Yes, we accept orders from anywhere on the planet and ship international orders using DHL

Q) How do I place an order?

A) You may place your order from our official website: www.enoraskincare.com. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards and PayPal.

Q) How safe is it to order online? Will my credit card be charged without my approval?

A) We never charge your credit card unless you place your order. Orders are processed by a credit card processing company and we do not get your personal information directly. We advise you to always keep your personal information private.

Q) Where can I purchase ENORA products?

A) ENORA products can be bought either from our website, https://www.enoraskincare.com/ or our physical shop.